Fast Acting Gas Leak Detection

When most people think of plumbing work, they don’t think about their home’s gas lines. But seeing as we’re the underground specialists, we handle the entire underground web of piping from water lines to sewer pipes to gas lines. And when you suspect a gas leak, we’re there as soon as possible to fix the issue at hand.

  • Testing, repair, and gas leak detection
  • Keeping you and your family safe
  • Efficient and budget-friendly gas line repair

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Don’t Wait; Secure Your Home with Professional Gas Leak Detection

Gas leaks can be extremely hazardous, and the consequences of not addressing them quickly can be far-reaching. If you suspect a gas leak in your home or business, it is vitally important that you enlist a professional plumbing service to conduct fast and efficient gas leak detection.

At Black Tie Plumbing, we are the experts in underground piping and gas leak detection. We know how to quickly locate any potential gas leaks and make sure that your home is safe from harm. Our team of experienced plumbers will use their state-of-the-art equipment to conduct a fast and accurate assessment of the situation before recommending the right solution. We also offer repair services to make sure that any damaged gas lines are quickly replaced or repaired in order to minimize any potential safety risks.

Don’t take chances with your family’s safety – contact Black Tie Plumbing today for the best and most reliable gas leak detection services available in your area.

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Our Process


Property Evaluation

We’ll take a thorough look at your property to pinpoint the issues and get a good idea of what the scope of the project may be.


Plan of Repair

We’ll come up with an estimate and timeline based on our best repair recommendations.


#DontDrip: We’re Working On It

Don’t fret, our team of experts will resolve your problem and get your plumbing running as soon as possible


Rest Easy (You’re Taken Care Of)

We will finish the job, clean up everything, and leave you with a proper plumbing system that you can rely on once and for all.

The Gas Company Shut My Gas Off, Now What?

If you smell gas in your home, the first two things you should do are 1) get to safety and 2) call the gas company. The gas company will come shut your gas off, but they’re not going to help fix the issue. That’s where a reputable plumber like Black Tie Plumbing comes in. Yes, natural gas lines do fall under the guise of plumbing, believe it or not. So when you get your gas shut off for safety, give the pros a call to pinpoint and remedy the issue. Call #TheGuysWithTheTies.

Hand turning safety shut off valve of a natural gas pipe
Koby T.

I am extremely pleased with them, they were ON TIME, very professional and courteous.They answered all our questions with ease, some plumbers don't want to be bothered.These guys are customer friendly. Thanks…

Mark F.

Everyone who came out to my house was polite and helpful, explaining what they were doing and why. Highly recommend - any company can look good when everything goes well.  They looked…

Don E.

Recently had a problem with my water heater that was old and needed to be replaced. They were able to get to me on the same day that I called, and my…

Diane W.

We had experienced a leak around the toilet, and the response time was the next day.  The Plumbers checked the problem, and we decided to replaced the toilet. They returned in a timely…

Tyler A.

Amazing customer service. They unfortunately located some leaks, but were able to fix them as planned. All of the Black Tie employees I met at my house or spoke to on the…

Preston M.

I really appreciate the thorough and diligent nature of their work ethic and professionalism. Top notch service and definitely my new source for all plumbing needs. Black Tie has the market cornered…

Cristina B.

This company stood by their word and helped take care of and honor their commitment to entirely replace our plumbing in our home. They even came out a year after to check…

Ryan W

The service team is first class. Guys showed up on time, were professional and fixed my leak quickly. Highly recommend.

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